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We believe that the current social care landscape in the UK is deeply broken. Equal Care's mission is to put power back where it belongs: in the hands of the people who give and receive care. We help people giving and receiving care to develop meaningful relationships through our unique, decentralised structure. We are a pioneer in the platform co-operative movement and lean heavily on technical innovation, making it possible to cut out tiers of managers and give that money to the people who do the direct support: our wonderful care and support workers.

In 2022, we doubled the number of hours of care we delivered, whilst maintaining our exceptional turnover rate of 4% (compared to an industry average of 39%). Over the next year, we're learning how to grow the decentralised model with a view to expand outside of Calderdale.

the role at a glance

By working closely with people from all over the co-op, you'll learn what makes our model so special and what's holding it back. Your job will be to find solutions to those problems. It's an extremely varied role, and that's exactly what we find exciting about it.


This position is open to anyone with the right to work in the UK. The vast majority of work is remote but travel to Hebden Bridge and London for occasional workshops (such as co-design sessions with our members) will be necessary based on what work we're doing. Over the past year this has worked out to roughly once a month. Our other engineer, Matt, lives and works in Manchester. Bonus points if you live there as well!

hours and salary

You’ll be working full-time for compensation up to £50,000, depending on experience. This role is also available part-time for the right candidate (minimum 3 days a week).


30 days holiday per year. 4.5% pension contribution.

equal care = equal opportunities

Equal Care is an equal opportunity employer that is committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace. We prohibit discrimination and harassment of any kind based on race, skin colour, sex, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or any other protected characteristic.

details of the role

Matt is our lead software engineer. You'll be joining him as the second engineer with a view to train and take over the daily operation of the Equal Care platform by the end of 2023, when Matt scales back to a few days per month.

Equal Care takes a Sociocratic approach to organisation; our structure is formed of a distributed network of "circles" that have power over their particular domain. Our engineering approach is to build a toolbox that these circles can reach into and choose to take advantage of in order to organise their care and support needs.

Each circle can be different to other circles in a wide range of ways. We observe and experiment with common themes that appear in order to nudge our circles towards building themselves up to be healthy and resilient. Software Engineers at Equal Care are responsible for the end-to-end process of turning those observations into experiments, and turning those experiments into well-crafted features.

Over the first nine months, your job role will encompass these kinds of responsibilities:

personal qualities and values

Equal Care is a very values-led organisation and we need you to feel strongly about our values as well. By taking on this role, you’ll be making important decisions that significantly affect the lives of all of our members. Holding ourselves accountable to the same set of values is crucial to making choices that resonate with our members' needs.

There is one value we ask everyone in our community to bring and to uphold: mutual care for one another. Complementing that core value, we aim to be hyper-accessible, open and transparent. We do not “move fast and break things” - in our world, “things” are people and their relationships to one another and they’re far too important to break.

Equal Care is looking for a future leader, but the specifics of how this happens is down to where your personal goals overlap with organisational ones. We do, however, believe that there are some qualities that will be extremely important to have in order to lead successfully at this stage of our growth:


There are two must-haves:

Here's a flavour of the technology you'll be working with. We're not looking for someone who knows everything; as long as you can learn quickly, you'll fit in perfectly:


If making a difference to social care and taking on more responsibility sounds like something you're looking for, then please get in touch with us at

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